INSE E5 Robot Vacuum Review – 1800Pa Max Suction Power

Getting rid of the dust that has been accumulated on the carpets and floors can be very tough, there are so many different kinds of brushes and vacuum cleaners which people use but they are not able to properly clean the carpets and floors. Clean carpets where your kids can play, can be achieved by a robot vacuum cleaner that we have picked out for you all, not only your carpets but your home will be clean with it. Let’s have a detailed look at the robot vacuum cleaner.

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Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Auto-Recharge and 1800Pa Max Suction Power, Works with Alexa/Google Home and WiFi Connected, 2 of Boundary Strips for Pet Hair and Hard Floor Low/Med Pile Carpets – INSE E5

This Robot vacuum cleaner is renowned because of its greater cleaning time, easy dumping design and a large bin. It is also known for its powerful performance that gives you the desired cleanliness in your home. Whether you want to clean tiled floors or carpets, this vacuum cleaner will be able to do the job for you. Not only does this vacuum cleaner cleans the house but it also purifies the air. We highly recommend this smart and efficient robot vacuum cleaner because it will save you a lot of cleaning time and will take a lot of your worry away. Whether it is dust, pet hair or any other unclean thing in your house, this vacuum cleaner will easily clean it.

Technical Details:

Product Dimensions: 12.6 x 12.6 x 2.8 inches
Item Weight: 6.3 pounds

Major Features:

  • Wi-fi connected app: The Robot vacuum cleaner allows you to schedule your cleaning ahead of time. It allows you to start your robot before hand if connected with wi-fi. While you are away, your robot vacuum cleaner will start the cleaning. It also includes the real-time cleaning map, battery status and run time for your ease.
  • Cleaning modes: This robot cleaner comes with four cleaning modes that include smart cleaning, edge clean, spot clean, manual clean.
  • Ultra large cleaning coverage: This Robot vacuum cleaner is 50% more powerful and it has a pretty decent cleaning time of 120 minutes. A lot of the vacuum cleaners have a low cleaning time.
  • Boundary strips: The robot cleaner comes with boundary strips which have the ability to help you identify the no-go areas. You can also arrange the cleaning area by the use of these boundary strips.
  • Suitable for different floors: Each house has a different kind of floor, some may have hardwood, ceramic, marble, bamboo, low pile carpet, medium pile carpet or any other. With this robot vacuum cleaner, you can clean all the floors and carpets without any hassle or mess.
  • Anti-drop and collision sensors: This robot cleaner, has 26 sensors which have the ability to prevent the robot from falling or collision.
  • Gets fuel autonomously: This robot vacuum cleaner is rechargeable, while cleaning, when its battery starts running out, the cleaner finds its charging spot on its own and then recharges.
  • Purify the air: The robot vacuum cleaner is not only used to clean the room but it is also great at purifying the air because of its efficient filter, sponge and nylon filter.
  • Voice control: The smart feature of voice control allows you to command the robot cleaner and it then starts following the command.
  • One-push start: Since this vacuum cleaner has a voice control feature, you can easily start its working by that. Also, it is very to start manually, all you need to do is push a button and it will start working.

If you are tired of cleaning dirt and pet hair in hours then you certainly need this product in your home to efficiently clean the floors, carpets and to also have purified air. No more cleaning pet hair for hours. This robot vacuum cleaner will surely make our job easy.

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