Miele S2121 Olympus Canister Vacuum Cleaner Review

miele-s2121-olympus-canister-vacuum-cleanerProbably one of the most reliable canister vacuums out in the market now, the S2121 Olympus by Miele is considered a professional cleaning tool. It is made to be an entry-level, high –end canister vacuum which is designed mainly to be used on hard floors and a low-pile carpet.

For other vacuums, they are a bit vague when it comes to its capacity, but for the Miele Olympus, by using it as directed, you will get the best performance it give. Thus, you wll get more than what your money is worth.

However, with it considered as a high-end canister vacuum, you cannot expect it to be cheap. It is mid-priced, and may not come with a well-rounded set of features to cater to your needs.


miele-s2121-olympus-canister-vacuum-cleaner-reviewWith a high-end, but entry-level canister vacuum like the Olympus, you may be wondering what it necessarily means. Feature wise, users had observed it to be not as complete as you may expect it to be, but to know more what this can offer you, here are its key features:


This S2121 Olympus by Miele has quite a short-length cord of 18 feet, however, it has an extendable wand to allow it to reach difficult areas in the space. With its short cord, the Olympus is promised to have a 29.5 cleaning radius.

On the other side, this is considered as a light weighted canister vacuum, with just 13 pounds. It will allow you to conveniently move around and easily carry the unit in every edge of your home.


It is easy to tell that the Olympus is mainly designed for vacuuming your hard wood floor and low-pile carpet areas. With it not having a motorized brush, you cannot really rely on it when it comes to deep cleaning of your carpets, which is why it is mostly reliable for cleaning your bare surfaces or floors.


The S2121 Olympus is equipped with six suction controls you can choose from. This way, you can monitor or control how much power is needed to effectively dust off your floors. Aside from that, it is supported with rotary dial power for a more accurate selection.

As for the dirt storage, this is made to be a canister vacuum which requires a bag for storage. With this, it may be an additional cost for you, as disposable bags can quite be costly per pack.

  • This unit is very reliable and effective when it comes to cleaning out your hard surfaces such as wood, tile and laminate floors.
  • Also, it is effective when cleaning small spaces like edges and the stairs.
  • With it having a rotary dial power, you can accurately use the suction level that you prefer while cleaning different areas.
  • Even with a short cord, the Olympus has a quite long and rotatable wand that can help you effectively reach ad clean difficult spaces.
  • It has an auto-seal filter which traps vacuumed dirt and dust as you clean, which helps in preventing you from potentially having an allergic reaction.
  • Compared to most canister vacuums, the Olympus was observed to be quieter than most.
  • For effectiveness, the vent blower can be dependable on the angle. With this, it can be a challenge for the user to clean or vacuum some area, if they are cleaned in an incompatible angle.
  • With the Olympus lacking a motorized brush roll, it is solely depending on straight suction. Now, this means that the unit is not a dependable appliance when deep cleaning thick carpets.
  • Although it is equipped with an auto-seal filter, this canister vacuum does not come with a HEPA filter. For experienced users, this may bring up some doubts.
  • This still have a questionable effectiveness when it comes to suction of pet hair from furniture.
  • With this S2121 Olympus canister vacuum having a short-length cord, most users find it inconvenient as they have to constantly plug and unplug to reach different areas.


miele-s2121If your home is designed with mostly hard floors, then this is a considerable canister vacuum you can take on. This may lack a couple of qualities, but it makes up with plenty of accessories and attachments to provide you multi-purpose cleaning.

However, if you have pets that shred hair like there is no tomorrow, I cannot really recommend you using this vacuum, as it is not as reliable as when used on hard floors. Another is that, this is mostly suggested and recommended for use of those with quite a small space. With its short cord, you may have to keep on plugging and unplugging it to cover all areas of your space, plus, with a short cord, it may be difficult for you to get on some small spaces.

It is a good thing that this is equipped with a six level s of suction that you can choose from, with it fully relying on straight suction power to clean different surfaces, you cannot tell how much power each of it needs to dust off small particles.

Furthermore, if you have a sensitive immune system, and may be prone to allergies, you may want to test first just how effective the auto-seal filter is. If you are not convinced with it yet, you may consult on whether or not it is okay to have it replaced with a HEPA filtration system.

Before all else, make sure to have read all reviews you can to guide you in the decision making process. Having an input from experienced users can be a helpful thing to know to have a better grasp on what to expect with the product.

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